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Bedbug control Information

The very thought of having Bedbugs will give just about anyone a serious panic attack. Your first reaction is to run to the store and buy an over the counter product and then give your home a serious bath in pesticide.  One of the more important aspects in Pest Control is knowing not only what to use but how much to use to properly resolve the problem.

There are several different approaches you can use on bedbugs.


 Aprehend bedbug control is composed of Beauveria bassiana fungal spores . By placing this product in specific location and proper treatment the bedbugs will begin dying in a few days and spread the spores to other colony members until you have a colony elimination.

Heat Treatment

Depending on your circumstance and time frame  for elimination you may want a Heat Treatment. This consist of heating your home or structure to above 130 degrees and thus killing all the bedbugs.  This is the most expensive form of treatment and usually take a day to finish the treatment.

Chemical Clean Out

This has been the standard for many years. it is very labor intensive and exposure to chemicals does run a high risk.